Essence of Humanity by JE Ellis

J. E. Ellis

J. E. Ellis, author of The Essence of Humanity

In 1994, J.E. Ellis began writing professionally, from magazine articles to technical brochures to TV pilots. In 2000, he co-wrote and co-produced the film, The Harvesters. In 2007 he wrote the award winning documentary, A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell. He created and wrote the sitcom pilot, Two for Tee, in 2010. His first novel, the indie ebook, The Hordes of Rage, is available for Kindle and Kobo.

The Essence of Humanity, the story:

Spending forty years in a cryo-stasis pod is not Bobby Porter’s idea of a good time. Not his fault he got left behind on that blasted asteroid ship. And waking up in the arms of aliens, the only human on a ship once filled with humans (no one told him the blasted pods recycled everything), could’ve been a real nightmare. Especially for a second-rate systems tech with only one real gift: the gift of gab—complete with the ability to pick up new languages in a flash. But Bobby makes the best of a bad situation and ends up with a pretty good deal.

Until the aliens decide to give humanity a chance to join their alliance, and the universe as Bobby knows it disintegrates around him. Seems there’s a couple more players in this game of space chess: an arrogant CEO who knows he’s humanity’s savior and an alien empire (not Bobby’s aliens—real alien aliens) determined to dominate mankind—or exterminate the entire human species.

Surprising to Bobby and everyone who knows him, the systems tech finds himself holding the key to humanity’s survival. One question stands out above all others: Can he find the “door” the key unlocks before the bad guys, aka mean, nasty aliens, find him?