Girlfriend-Boyfriend by William O'Donohue and Joshua Medjuck

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: How to Calm the Nerves without Drinking to Excess

by William O’Donohue & Joshua Medjuck.

Have you ever felt nervous talking to that special someone, not knowing what to say or do? Have you ever used alcohol to help you relax and feel less self-conscious around someone you are attracted to?

If this sounds familiar, then you can benefit from this fun, interactive book. Learn easy-to-use skills that help you overcome your nerves when dealing with someone of the opposite sex, skills that decrease your fear of rejection, improve your confidence around the opposite sex, and help you avoid dangerous drinking. The authors are experts in psychology and based the material on scientific research.

William O’Donohue  is the author of more than 60 books and currently is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. Read more about him and about his recent books published by Lucky Bat Books here.