The Half Book by Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

The Half Book.

He got the job. He got the girl. He got the diagnosis. Son of a…

Dan Duffy was twenty-nine when he heard the worst three words imaginable: “you have cancer.” Testicular. Stage three. His life became equal parts fear and anger, with a dash of stupidity for flavor. From systematically alienating everyone around him to embracing psychological and physical acts of acute masochism and loathing, cancer became the least of his worries. It was at his lowest point where Dan found salvation in common sense, and redemption in his ultimate purpose to give people the truth, and ultimately hope, while facing this disease.

Dan has often said, “Cancer is going to hit you like a truck. Period. You can either brace for impact, or get run over.” Dan’s story will make you laugh, make you think, and affirm that no one is alone in this fight.

 About Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy has been telling stories for over twenty years. After an award-winning radio career with the nationally syndicated Steve and DC Radio Show, he moved from audio to visual arts, graduating from the Vancouver Film School. He returned to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to hone his skills before moving to Los Angeles.

However, fate, a woman, and a diagnosis changed everything. Four months before making the jump to the West Coast, Dan met Stephanie, the woman he would marry. Four months after that meeting, he was diagnosed with stage-three testicular cancer. Six months later, Dan was cancer-free, but left with a myriad of questions with no answers.

Dan Duffy, author of The Half BookIt was in his quest for those answers when Dan realized that there may have been a personal reason for his diagnosis, and the more he learned, the more he knew that with his knowledge of not just the physical, but the psychological dynamic of this disease, he could warn others about many of the same pitfalls he, himself, was unable to avoid.

With a friend and colleague, Dan co-founded The Half Fund, an organization dedicated to spreading cancer education to patients, their providers and caregivers, and loved ones. The Half Fund board seeks out commercially viable artistic mediums to achieve this goal, from movies to music to books.

The first project of The Half Fund, The Half Book, was written by Dan to not only educate, but to help others see the glimpses of almost farcical humor that can and will occur during treatment. All net proceeds from this book will be split between the American Cancer Society and The Half Fund, where it will be given away to other artists to educate in new ways. These artists must also give away all net proceeds.

This married father of two boys has said that while he wouldn’t wish it on anyone, cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to him. It gave him a purpose and a mission to live his life for the betterment of others.

Read more about Dan Duffy and The Half Fund here.

The Buzz about the The Half Book

“When I read Half, I felt like I was on Dan’s journey with him. The good. The bad. The painful. The funny. I felt every moment of his journey. It really helps you realize that, while we all look different, live in different places, and have different life experiences, the human experiences of challenge and triumph is familiar to us all.”

Angela Hayes | Managing Director, Mission Support Communications

American Cancer Society
“I have always said that I am not grateful for having cancer, but I am grateful for the blessings it has brought. Dan is one of those blessings. He has many gifts, especially writing and storytelling. But he, himself, is a gift to everyone who is fortunate enough to know him. Thanks Dan, for all you give unconditionally.”

Teri Griege | Survivor, Triathlete, Founder and CEO
Powered By Hope Foundation
“Dan Duffy has endured struggles that most can’t imagine, and not only endured, but has thrived. In this remarkable, emotional, poignant and surprisingly funny book, he shares not only what he learned as he battled cancer, but what it means for all of us in the daily fights of life. There is reason for hope…and you’ll know why after you read this book!”

John O’Leary | International Speaker and Author

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