TV in the Head by Kevin Mohs

TV in the Head by Kevin Tao Mohs

Kevin Tao Mohs’ second book, TV in the Head, is now available from Lucky Bat Books.

In the near future, Personal Entertainment Devices (PEDs) are surgically implanted in infants soon after birth, creating a society consumed by the programs and messages being sent directly into their minds by the Personal Vision Corporation. On a hot summer’s night, an addict known as a PEDhead is murdered while breaking into the home of one of the corporation’s executives. Vision Enforcement Agent Marshal McClure is assigned to investigate the death and soon finds himself caught in the midst of a dangerous plot that threatens to take down the very institution that he’s sworn to protect.


About the Author

KEVIN TAO MOHS is a cable television executive who has worked at National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TLC in various creative capacities. During his graduate studies in Radio, Television and Film at the University of Maryland, the writings of media theorist Marshall McLuhan captured Mohs’ imagination. McLuhan posited that all media are extensions of our human senses, bodies and minds. The idea of media and mind and body being one inspired Mohs to write a screenplay entitled EYEtv for his graduate thesis. In that farcical tale, the inhabitants of a far off planet have small television devices implanted in their heads soon after birth. The idea seemed far-fetched decades ago, but as media technology evolved over the years, the notion of televisions one day being in our heads didn’t seem that ridiculous to Mohs, so he decided to revisit his story and place it on earth in the very near future.

As a television producer and cable executive, Mohs has first hand knowledge of the power of the media and has collaborated on such successful series and specials as The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, River Monsters, Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real, Deadliest Catch, Life Below Zero, and Gold Rush: Alaska.

Mohs has consulted on two books for young readers (Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real and The Most Extreme—inspired from the television series he created). He has also published another work of fiction entitled The Devil’s Bite.

Mohs lives in Maryland outside Washington DC with his wife, two kids and various pets. He’s hard at work on his next story.

Managing editor: Michael J. Totten

Cover artist: Nuno Moreira

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