Society’s Child by Janis Ian

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[all markets outside North America]

Society's Child by Janis IanYou won’t find this book in North America, but tell your friends in the rest of the world about it.  Lucky Bat Books recently published it for Janis Ian and we think both ebook and print are absolutely tops.  Janis named it her “Author’s Preferred Edition” because she made minor corrections prior to publication outside North America.

Society’s Child Ebook

The foreign ebook version of Society’s Child takes advantage of Janis Ian’s generous collection of song samples on her website, linking from relevant chapters and info to the songs. You’ll find yourself listening to Janis singing in the background while you read about what she was thinking while writing that song. In fact, here ya go: click here to hear Janis while you read this page. And now, back to the ebook — you can pop around inside the ebook intuitively to see photos, and you can search to find the stars and celebrities she talks about in the book.

This is fun ebook reading at its best, allowing you a quiet read or a buzz around the book and onto Janis’s website and back.

Society’s Child Print Book

For her foreign fans, Janis is most interested in getting new copies of her book directly into their hands, avoiding cross-Atlantic shipping charges. Her fans love her and they pack her concert tours, eager to learn more, to read more and to be a part of the world Janis Ian creates in song and in the way she walks through the world.

We accomplished the goal of getting books into the hands of her fans by using the print resources currently available to authors, making sure her books are printed in Europe and shipped from there. Learn more about how we did that here in a recent blog. And learn more about what we still plan to do!

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About Society’s Child: my autobiography by Janis Ian

Grammy Award-winning songwriter, singer and author, Janis Ian took the stage at age fifteen with a revolutionary song about interracial relationships, “Society’s Child.” It was 1966 and the country responded with both hostility and accolades. The song went to #1, and Janis was caught in the maelstrom of a divided country. Terrified by the hatred directed at her, she left the music industry, only to return a few years later with the worldwide hit “At Seventeen.”

The story never ends—her songs are currently used by artists as diverse as Bette Midler, John Mellencamp, and Celine Dion; she tours the world regularly to sold-out crowds, and she is considered one of the pre-eminent acoustic guitarists of our era by such notables as Chet Atkins. In Society’s Child, you’ll journey with Janis as she spends time with luminaries of the century—Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin—singers and songwriters who both influenced and befriended her.

Her book takes an unblinking look at the music business, her own remarkable path through it, and what was really happening backstage—with honesty and integrity. Meet Janis Ian on concert tours, connect with her on her website,, and read this inspiring autobiography of one woman’s unbreakable spirit.