N.M. Cedeño releases latest spine chiller, “The Walls Can Talk”

We at Lucky Bat Books are excited to announce the long-awaited release of mystery writer N.M. Cedeño’s third novel, The Walls Can Talk. This spine-tingling paranormal ghost story from the author of All in Her Head and For the Children’s Sake was spawned from her Bad Vibes Removal Services short-story series.

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Not all is well in a home that seems straight out of a fairy tale . . .

The Hanovers inherited an ancient Irish castle . . . that’s been moved to central Texas. But once they move in, they find not all is well in a home that seems straight out of a fairy tale. When things are moved in the middle of the night, is the explanation treasure-hunting teenagers or someone more malicious?

With a terrifying ghostly presence haunting their days and break-ins threatening their nights, the Hanovers reach out to a private detective, the famed Montgomery of Montgomery Investigations, and his employees at Bad Vibes Removal Services to resolve matters using the equipment he invented that detects and deciphers emotional residue and sound patterns long embedded in walls.

The Bad Vibes crew — Lea, Kamika, and Montgomery — are used to solving cases involving death. But usually Lea is the only one who sees the spirits. Not this time! This ancient Irish ghost seems bent on breaking all the rules, forcing the team to find new ways for removing old souls. Now the team finds themselves dragged into a convoluted drama of betrayal, murder, and hidden treasure. With their clients’ lives on the line, Lea, Kamika, and Montgomery work to identify the criminal behind the break-ins and free the castle from its haunted past.

*Also, enjoy a bonus Bad Vibes short story, “Astral Vibes,” at the end of the book!

The Walls Can Talk is available in print and ebook for all ereaders.

About the Author

N. M. Cedeño lives in Texas and writes mystery short stories and novels. Her mysteries vary from traditional mysteries to romantic suspense, to science fiction in genre. Her debut novel, All In Her Head, was published in 2014 by Lucky Bat Books, followed by her second novel, For the Children’s Sake, in 2015. For the Children’s Sake was selected as a finalist for a First Chapter Book Award by the East Texas Writer’s Guild in 2016. Another science fiction mystery “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy,” was published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine in 2012. For more information, please visit NMCedeno.com.

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Connect with N. M. Cedeño
To connect with N. M. Cedeño please visit NMCedeno.com

Managing editor for For the Children’s Sake is Jessica Santina

Cover artist: Brandon Swann