Just Published: Jagdish Goswami’s historical epic, “Freedom’s Edge”

Lucky Bat Books is thrilled to announce the release of Freedom’s Edge: A Tale of Crises and Victory, by new author Jagdish Goswami.

“Sarah’s biggest regret was that she had not fought hard enough, not kicked and scratched and bitten, clawed those filthy Nazis’ eyes out to keep her husband with her. Out of fear, she had cowered. No more of that. This new life, and the lives of her family and loved ones, would not slip away from her. She would fight the dirtiest of fights. She would never go quietly…”

Young Sarah Lipinski is a German Jew in 1942, widowed when her husband is captured and killed in a Nazi gas chamber. Now she is in hiding with her only remaining family, the Roseweigs, refugees in a bombed-out building in war-ravaged Amsterdam, desperate to escape Europe and Hitler’s evil plan.

When they receive word that many of their kind have escaped to the little Dutch protectorate of Suriname, the Roseweigs steal aboard a cargo ship, embarking on the most terrifying journey of their lives, where every roll and pitch of the ship threatens to dash their hopes for good.

Gunter Kramer is a reluctant Nazi soldier who has spent years away from his family while carrying out orders to round up Jews for labor camps. Now he has a new assignment: Hunt down the Jew who has stolen plans vital to the Reich’s success. In the tumult of his own personal tragedy, fueled by rage and despair, Gunter’s reckless manhunt is leading him straight to the Roseweigs and Suriname.

Now the band of refugees must devise a plan to protect what they know, outwit their persecutors, and regain their freedom … for good.

Inspired by true events, Freedom’s Edge is a fictional account of a terrorized yet valiant group of Jewish refugees who dared to escape the brutal dictator of the Third Reich. Written by Jagdish Goswami, a physician who formerly served the British Royal Navy as his hospital’s Liaison Medical Officer, this powerful tale reveals the endlessly courageous and tragic journey of this unlikely band of warriors as they make their hair’s-breadth escape, tenaciously balanced on the knife’s edge of hope and freedom.

Here’s what one reader had to say: “Having just finished Freedom’s Edge, I was pleasantly surprised. Jagdish Goswami is a new author to be followed. He did an excellent job of grabbing my interest in the opening pages and maintaining intrigue that holds the reader throughout. I appreciate an author that develops the visual scene while not overburdening the reader. I read a lot of various fiction and other books, and a lot that is popular. One of the features that this author excels at is not resorting to irrelevant sex in order to tintillate the reader. By doing this, he maintains the character of his subjects. Thank you, Mr. Goswami, for a fun, interesting, and enjoyable book. I look forward to the next!”

Freedom’s Edge is available in print and ebook.

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Managing Editor: Jessica Santina