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Focused, Guided, Professional Workshops for Writers by Lucky Bat Books

Develop Your Professional Writing Career

Learn today’s tools. Use them. Write like a professional. Be a professional and build a Professional Writing Career. Learn from the Pros at Lucky Bat Books.

Want to dive deep into exploration of ♦ Character ♦ Plot ♦ Setting ♦ Dialog ♦ Voice ♦  or Style? AND into building your writing career? Begin today.

Lucky Bat Books now offers workshops for the working writer. 

Our six-week workshop series provides 12 hours of writing practice, critique and assessment in a small group setting.  Creative writing assignments are completed along with professional development projects for the working writer.

The workshop class will be small, so you will have personal time with your instructors. In fact, that’s one of the brilliant things about Wufu Workshops: We’re calling them kitchen table workshops because you’ll be gathering around the kitchen table in our Lucky Bat Books professionals’ homes. You’ll have one-on-one time as well as group time as you build your skills and career plan.

You’ll be working with Lucky Bat Books Professionals. Your Guides:

Cindie Geddes
These are a few of my favorite words (please sing to the tune of that song from that Julie Andrews movie with the Nazis — the one I thought was just about a happy singing family. But, no. Nazis. It’s always Nazis.)

Cindie Geddes
co-founder and co-owner of Lucky Bat Books

Before Lucky Bat Books, Cindie Geddes was a full-time freelance writer and editor for 13 years as owner of Flying Hand Writing Services in Reno, Nevada. She sold more than 300 magazine articles, 14 short stories, and several essays. She co-wrote two non-fiction books and ghost-wrote12, while editing more than a dozen others. She also edited three Northern Nevada magazines.

Beyond her job, Cindie has critiqued and edited dozens of books across many genres. She spends any free time she might have researching the writing industry and exploring creativity as a lifestyle choice. (And sometimes she makes time to write. You can find some of her short stories published under the name CC Geddes.)

Cindie Geddes co-founded Lucky Bat Books in 2010, a traditional publishing house with a revolutionary business model, putting writers in charge of the business of writing. Since then, the company has published upwards of 200 books, all done with fairness and an open heart to the needs and desires of writers. Lucky Bat Books is a simple idea: Choose great writers. Let them pay for the services they want. Build them books. Let them keep all their money.
But it also feels a little revolutionary, considering our own experiences in the publishing world.

Stacey Spain-managing editor- Lucky Bat Books
Stacey Spain

Stacey Spain
Writer, Editor, Playwright, Director, Coach

After a successful career in arts administration for Sierra Arts Foundation as their Program Director and then Executive Director, working as the Grant and Fund Development Manager and Public Art Specialist for the City of Reno, and as the Grant Program Coordinator for the Nevada Arts Council Spain started her grantwriting, editing and literary agency 2nd Act Scriptorium.  Her business allows her the freedom to continue to teach at UNR and TMCC as she has done for 17 years while allowing her to focus on writing and editing projects.

Playwright Stacey Spain’s career in theatre includes directing at UNR, Reno Little Theater and Bruka Theater, acting in over 80 productions, touring with Idaho Theater for Youth, working at Idaho Shakespeare Festival, writing plays she’s been lucky enough to see produced, and always sharing her joy in theatre with students.

This spring will see the publication by Lucky Bat Books of her one act play collection Finding the Right Words including the previously produced works:  Up On Deercreek, To Whom Should I Complain, Street People and No News as wells as the publication of her first full-length play Killarney Sabbatical. In preparation for publication, the one act works are being produced at Bruka Theatre’s Biggest Little Theatre Festival in November.  Recently she directed the world premiere of Juanita’s Statue for Nevada Repertory Company where she also directed Fat Pig and The HOT L Baltimore.  At Reno Little Theater she directed Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde and for Bruka Theater she has directed Good People, Orpheus Descending, Love Squared, Beckett Undressed and The Scarlet Letter.  Spain has a B.A. in theater from Boise State University and an M.F.A. in Acting from Purdue University.

Wufu Workshops

Six-Week Intensives for Working Writers

Over six weeks, each two-hour session will include freewriting, lesson presentation, guided writing application, critique of creative assignments and a weekly professional development assignment. We focus on writing, on craft, and on how to advance  your writing career.

We want you writing well while advancing your career.

You will complete:

  • A Sample Query letter
  • A Genre-Specific Writing Sample
  • A Synopsis/Outline of Projected Work

2016 Lucky Bat Books Wufu Workshop Schedule

Character: Jan 4 – Feb 8

Plot: March 1  April 5

Setting: April 26 – May 31

Dialog: June 21 – July 26

Voice: August 16 – September 20

Style: October 11 – November 15

Lucky Bat Books Wufu workshops
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