Down The River Road by Gregory Benford

Down The River Road by Gregory BenfordNew Novella by award-winning SF and Lucky Bat Book Author


We are extremely proud to announce the publication of Gregory Benford’s novella, a backwoods fantasy, with both a nostalgic nod to the river of his childhood and an extreme view of time and life in a future where science outstrips the imagination and becomes — magic.

In this never-before-published story, Benford takes readers along on one man’s search for his father through the chaos of shifting time. He explores an image of life that inspired him, very early on, and that takes us all on a wild river ride that is at times serene but at most times chaotic and unpredictable.

Check out this new book, published in ebook only, by Lucky Bat Books. Cover photo taken by James Benford (Gregory’s brother) and design by Theresa Rose.

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