Dishrags to Dirtbags by Brooke Santina

Just Published! Dishrags to Dirtbags by Brooke Santina

One housewife’s plunge into the dangerous and crazy world of law enforcement.

When Beth Dolinsky’s military husband returns from deployment with post-traumatic stress and gambles all their money away, this mousy, church-going housewife and mother of twin boys has to take matters into her own hands. Against the advice of friends and family, 40-year-old Beth applies to become a deputy sheriff and embarks on the toughest journey of her life. Now, Recruit Dolinsky finds herself out of place in her new world, even though she no longer fits into her old one. As Beth fights for her family and her right to hold this position of strength, she must convince not only the inmates in the jail, but also the “squared-away” sergeants and deputies half her age (with double the attitude), that she really can fire a gun, perform strip searches that would make even the toughest inmate squirm, restrain men twice her size, and control up to 70 criminals at a time with the strategic use of the f-word. And in the process, Beth manages to convince herself that she can handle anything that comes her way. Dishrags to Dirtbags is a story of inner strength, motherhood, reinvention, and acceptance.

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