Cover by Brandon Swann, The Boss of Hampton Beach by Jed Power

Brandon Swann

Brandon has been painting or drawing most of his life in one way or another and started with digital when Paint showed up as part of Windows, then moved into traditional media classes.

When he got his first Wacom tablet he started moving into computer and graphic design. He has had training in design for ads as well as typography to learn how to better handle type in designs.

Brandon works in several genres, using advanced PhotoShop techniques to create art from photography and to enhance a cover’s design.  He is well-versed in all trades when it comes to digital media from Photoshop image manipulation to illustration, concept painting, digital fine art, and web design as well as learning programming languages (HTML, CSS, JAVA, Action Script being the main ones). He has also done video editing and animation, and now works with Adobe Flash Pro for app development and animation.

Samples of Brandon Swann’s Work



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